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From One To Another

From One To Another

From One To Another: Working For
Every Girl’s Right to Education


We can be the difference! Pro Optix has chosen to proudly support From One To Another in their important work for women in Kenya. FOTA works on-site in Kenya by establishing and developing centres where women are provided support and education in health, languages and business. Through these centres they can acquire the tools and confidence they need to create a better life for themselves, their families and in time society as a whole.

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From One To Another


Pro Optix are proud to give their continued support to From One To Another

FOTAPro Optix are proud to give their continued support to From One To Another (FOTA) in their mission to create sustainable communities and work for every girl’s right to education. 85% of the funds donated go directly to women in Kenya; helping to establish and develop new centres that provide support and education in health, languages and business. The women’s knowledge contributes to the Circle of Education, whereby the students can share their skills to build a stronger community.

FOTA recently celebrated a remarkable milestone in their important work. A survey conducted in April 2018 revealed that close to 73 percent of the women who attended the new centres advanced to secondary education, either through college or university. A fantastic result that the charity and the women themselves should be proud of.

With the success of this project and the new life it offers to the women and their communities, we aim to inspire more companies to support the great work of the charity by partnering with From One To Another. So little can do so much. Find out more about the project.

We choose to make a difference!

From One To AnotherOut of the 774 million illiterate people in the world, two thirds are women. Since an education is a foundation for wealth, health and equality that is where we have chosen to invest.

Considering that FOTA is a non-profit organization of an efficient size, the choice of partner was a rather easy one to make. It’s important for us to know that as much as possible of our contribution reaches those who need it the most, on site in Kenya.

Our contribution helps FOTA in their work to establish a brand new FOTA centre for education and reach even more potential students. The education they receive creates new possibilities and often lead to local entrepreneurship, which in turn provides food on the table. Something that is easy to take for granted.

Our cooperation with FOTA will develop and grow over time and we hope to inspire others to follow suit. We will follow the project in Mgombezi, Kenya, as It develops. If you wish to know more about it, please feel free to contact the team at Pro Optix.


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