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Updates related to the Coronavirus

Fibre Optics

Production has now slowly started! However, this only applies to some provinces and we are in close contact with factories and are currently planning for Q1-Q2. To avoid delays, we ask you to plan with us as we see a risk of component shortages during Q1/Q2.

The fact that production is up and running means that we have now started processing orders in the factory and that these are being produced. However, challenges with logistics remain as all freight forwarders await the clearance from authorities to be able to start their operations. We also estimate that customs will have increased volumes that will affect their ability to handle all goods that will leave the country. This will be a challenge for the entire industry and is not unique to us, however we can influence the situation through good planning. 

The production has now started with stocked components and is thus not affected much. However, as several provinces and primarily Hubei province are at a standstill, the total volume of available subcontracting components will be affected. Therefore, we act vigorously to try to minimize risks and take a good position at all stages of production. 

If you would like more specific information, please contact us.


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