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Coherent Transceivers

Improve bandwidth on short and long distance DWDM networks with tunable coherent transceivers

Transmitting terabits of data up to 3000 kilometers, coherent optical transceivers have been used in long-haul telecommunications and are now becoming standard for shorter-distance high-bandwidth connections in metro networks and between data centers.

Coherent transceivers have tunable lasers to achieve different optical wavelengths offering a flexible solution to ensure that your full DWDM capacity is used. Coherent optical transceivers were originally proprietary in design, but now adhere to MSA standards, such as CFP2-DCO and 400G ZR/ZR+.

Coherent Transceivers

100G/200G CFP2-DCO, 2000 km, Tunable Coherent, DDM, LC Duplex, Singlemode

Pro Optix range of coherent optical transceivers


Pro Optix range of CFP2-DCO transceivers provide standard data rates of 100G to 200G with further options avilable. These transceivers are designed to cover distances from 10km to 3000km and above in amplified long-haul systems with LC Duplex connectors.

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With the move to more and more resource-hungry applications such as AI and machine learning, virtual and augmented reality, data centers need to handle much greater amounts of traffic.

Pluggable coherent optical transceivers are now available for higher bandwidths up to 400G, covering distances of between 120km to 480km, with the development of 800G coherent transceivers on the horizon.

Coherent Transceivers

to different wavelengths

High Bandwidth
(100G / 200G/400G)

Long Distance
Up to 3000km

Coherent Optical Transceivers – for short and long-haul applications

Coherent optics were developed to meet the challenge of increasing volumes of data traffic and the limit to the number of wavelengths that can be used in DWDM transmission. Using a higher modulation technique known as “polarization multiplexing”, coherent transceivers are able to transmit more data on a single wavelength over a single fiber for greater distances.

Coherent optical transceivers are used in a wide range of applications from data center links, metro networks through to long-haul and undersea links. Originally proprietary in design, coherent transceivers now adhere to MSA standards, such as CFP2-DCO and the latest QSFP56-DD 400G ZR/ZR+.

Coherent Transceivers

Datacenter to Datacenter

Coherent Transceivers

Metro Networks

Coherent Transceivers

Long-Haul and Undersea

Guaranteed optical transceiver compatibility

Pro Optix offer a range of CFP2-DCO standard coherent optical transceivers, designed and manufactured to Multi Source Agreement (MSA) compliance ensuring full Infinera (Transmode) compatibility and meeting manufacturer warranty requirements.

We are also able to supply the very latest 400G QSFP56-DD ZR and ZR+ pluggable coherent transceivers for distances of 120 and 480 kilometers.

All Pro Optix transceivers come with guaranteed compatibility, 3 year or lifetime warranties and are tested and manufactured under ISO conditions.

WDM Experts

Pro Optix WDM Project Support

The Pro Optix team are available for project evaluation, specification, customization and installation. We can help you get the maximum performance and ROI from your project with our extensive WDM knowledge.

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