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CS® Connectors

High Density Fiber CS Connector
Technology for 200G and 400G

CS Connector

Next Generation Connector
for 200G and 400G

Efficiency Through Density

CS connectors are the next evolution in delivering more performance and a 40% size reduction at the same time. These compact connectors offer a 40% horizontal size reduction over LC duplex and are compatible with QDD and OSFP. As official distributors of patent owners Senko, Pro Optix are excited to continue expanding our range of cutting edge fibre technologies and complement our newly launched range of QDD and OSFP transceivers.

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CS Connectors

  4 fibres per transceiver

  Proven 1.25mm Ferrule Technology

  Push/Pull tab for usability

  40% size reduction compared to LC Duplex

Demanding Data


The drivers behind increased data center demand are no secret and with growth in Cloud, 5G, IoT, Blockchain and AI, it isn’t likely to slow down. With fiber based technology a key component in equipping new and existing data centres, enabling higher density supports constructors and operators in more performance per square meter and prolongs the data center life cycle.

While demand for 100G transceivers is still on the rise, the industry is clearly heading for the days of 200G and 400G. CS connectors are a key component in enabling those higher capacity links and as well as the density advantages they remove the requirement of a 1:4 Mux/DeMux in achieving 400G.

With QDDs and OSFPs operators can support legacy 100G interconnects as well as interoperability with CWDM4 and LR4form factors. The introduction of CS connectors provides a clearer upgrade path to 200 and 400G operations.

See how Pro Optix are utilising the CS connector on our Pro NANO ultra HD WDM multiplexer series >

CS Connector QSFP10

Example Applications


2x 100G in 400G switch
using QDD/OSFP to 2x QSFP28

CS Connectors Example Application

2x 100G in 400G switch
using QDD/OSFP to 2x QSFP56

CS Connectors Example Application

400G to 400G
using QDD/OSFP to OSFP

CS Connectors Example Application

Functional Advantage


Smaller connectors is just part of the story, robust usability and cable management have been given a boost with CS technology. As well as the embedded push-pull tab (available in 4 lengths) allowing for mating and de-mating without risk of damage, there is a significant 14mm reduction in length. This improves the connectors manual strength and saves front of shelf space for boot and cord management. The push pull tab is also useful for identifier tags/colour coding.

CS Connector

LC Uniboot connector with Mini-boot

CS Connector

Less space requirements for patching shelf depth

Allows for better cabling routing management

Saving of more than 14mm front-offshelf space

Four push-pull tab length

CS Connector

Example Applications


Next Generation Beyond 100G High Density


   40% horizontal space saving

   30% vertical space saving

   2 Duplexes in one transceiver

   Optimized for 400G

   More cable management space

   CS Quadruplex adapter

   Easier Breakout – no fanout required

CS Connector vs LC Duplex


CS Connector
compared to an LC connector

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CS Connector vs LC Duplex

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