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Pro Optix MINI Series Multiplexers

High density CWDM and DWDM Multiplexing

High density, modular, flexible and scalable multiplexing

With density 300% greater than standard multiplexing solutions, the Pro MINI next-generation high density multiplexers deliver significant opportunity to reduce data center footprint, provide extreme flexibility, and also bring many other advantageous design benefits.

Made up of modular cassettes that fit within a 1U chassis, or that individually can be wall mounted, the solution can be tailored to your requirements easily due to its modular tabbed design that allows you to mix CWDM, DWDM and other rack needs within the same 1U Pro MINI/NANO Chassis. Based on LC connectivity its modular design delivers quick and easy installation with no moving parts for supreme robustness and upgrades, and being passive it has no need for power requirements. Learn about the Pro NANO CS-based multiplexer series here >

NANO Multiplexers

Key MINI Series Benefits

  • High Density – Reduce your data centre footprint
  • Modular – Select S, M or L rack or wall mounted
  • Flexible – CWDM, DWDM or a mix of both
  • Simplicity – Simple and fast installation or upgrades
  • Scalable – Simply expand as your requirements need
  • Robust – Proven technology, passive operation, no moving parts

3 x Greater Channel Density than
Standard Multiplexers


Reduce your data center footprint with the Pro MINI high density multiplexer series.

PRO Mini Multiplexers

Density Comparison per 1U


18 Channels - LC




36 Channels - LC




54 Channels - LC




108 Channels - CS



Pro MINI 3x
Greater Density

Pro NANO 6x
Greater Density


Modular CWDM comparison

Next-Generation High Density Multiplexing

  • Up to 54 CWDM or 48 DWDM channels within 1U
  • 3 sizes of cassette: S, M and L – mix within 1U
  • Pull tabs for easy installation and upgrades
WDM Channels
WDM Channels

Available in 3 sizes of cassette


The Pro MINI CWDM multiplexers are available in Small, Medium and Large variants. The Pro MINI DWDM multiplexers are available in Medium and Large variants. Within 1U you can mix sizes, and also mix between CWDM and DWDM.

SizeCWDM Potential CapacityDWDM Potential Capacity
S (small)5 Channel CWDMN/A
M (medium)9 Channel CWDM8 Channel DWDM
L (large)18 Channel CWDM16 Channel DWDM

Modular & flexible – Over 25 configuration opportunities


+ Mix the different sizes of cassettes as desired (examples below)
+ Mix NANO & MINI elements within 1U
+ Stack more 1U chassis as required

MINI Multiplexer Configurations
MINI Multiplexer Configurations
MINI Multiplexer Configurations
MINI Multiplexer Configurations
MINI Multiplexer Configurations
MINI Multiplexer Configurations

Our Overview

Why Passive xWDM Multiplexing?

Expand the capacity of your existing fiber by splitting it into channels by utilising separate CWDM and DWDM wavelengths. With no electrical power or software required solutions are easy to install, maintain and are high in reliability.

For further information on WDM passive networking read our WDM guide or our recent blog on 8 passive WDM facts and project considerations.

Download the WDM Guide >
WDM Guide

Specifications, Stock and Pricing in our Customer Portals


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Optical peace of mind from Pro Optix

At Pro Optix, we do the due-diligence for you, ensuring all fiber optical network products are thoroughly tested and manufactured under ISO control, and meet the needs of your optical network. All our fiber optic transceivers comply with the Multi-Source Agreement (MSA), are supported by our skilled team, and available for next day delivery with logistics expertise.

100% Compatibility
100% Compatibility
Technical Support
On-site Support &
Technical Support
Next-Day Delivery
Extensive Stock /
Next-Day Delivery
ISO Certified
ISO Certified
Remote Transcoding
Remote Transcoding with
Updated Code Database

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