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Fiber Optic
Network Design

Utilise our Fiber Optic Network Design Experience

Pro Optix are experts in fiber optical networks.
We have been supplying high-quality fiber optical solutions for over 10 years and delivering equipment and expertise to over 100 network operators, as well as system integrators, telcos, municipalities, universities and private companies across Europe.

As an example, 4 out of the 5 largest telecom operators in Sweden use our WDM products.

Fiber optic technology solutions can be complex and we have experts on hand who are able to assist you with the right fit for your application. Let us help you to get the very best out of your next project with our fiber optic network design service.

Network design and troubleshooting
for a range of fiber optical solutions

Fiber Optic Network Design Services


Wavelength Division Multiplexing Solutions

Fiber Optic Network Design Services


Fiber to Home (FTTH),
Fiber to Business
(FTTB) Applications.
PON and passive P2P

Fiber Optic Network Design Services



Fiber Network Design Services



Fiber Optic Network Design Services



Our fiber optic network design services and expert technical staff are available to help with planning and troubleshooting all types of fiber optical networks to ensure you get the very best outcome for your solution.

Discuss your Fiber Network project

Whether you are expanding your datacenter, adopting WDM, or maximizing the use of fiber pairs using MUX/DEMUX and the add/drop filter (OADM ), for example, we will have an open discussion with you to recommend and ensure that we deliver the best solution possible for your requirements.

We can help you to determine the best possible design and cost-effective fiber optical technology to maximize the possibilities of your next project.

Customized Design and
Customizable Fiber Optic Products

We thoroughly test all MUX/DEMUXs and transceivers and can also custom manufacture MUX/DEMUX following specific customer requirements.

Fiber Optic Network Design

Tested in our Fiber
Optical Networking Lab

We can also support you in testing optical modules, WDM equipment and MPO solutions for different environments, robustness and interoperability in our European fiber optical testing lab using the latest analytical equipment.

Fiber Optic Network Design

Let’s get your project moving!

We can take a look at your fiber optical network requirements and help you design a network solution that is optimized for your business.

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Pro Optix Commitment to Quality

Fiber Optic Network Design

Industry Experts

Delivering equipment and expertise for 100s of different projects

Fiber Optic Network Design

Trusted Products

We deliver only the very best, rigorously tested, high-quality products.

Fiber Optic Network Design

Trusted Delivery

We ensure fast delivery to get your project underway rapidly.

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Optical peace of mind from Pro Optix

At Pro Optix, we do the due-diligence for you, ensuring all fiber optical network products are thoroughly tested and manufactured under ISO control, and meet the needs of your optical network. All our fiber optic transceivers comply with the Multi-Source Agreement (MSA), are supported by our skilled team, and available for next day delivery with logistics expertise.

100% Compatibility
100% Compatibility
Technical Support
On-site Support &
Technical Support
Next-Day Delivery
Extensive Stock /
Next-Day Delivery
ISO Certified
ISO Certified
Remote Transcoding
Remote Transcoding with
Updated Code Database

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