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DWDM Multiplexer and 100G Transceiver

Case Study

Increased Bandwidth Performance & Enhanced Connectivity for a Nordic Broadcaster

A large Nordic based TV broadcasting company has utilized a solution of 100G optical transceivers alongside passive DWDM multiplexers to significantly increase its bandwidth performance and enhance connectivity between multiple company sites. With the broadcasting industry dealing with ever increasing data sizes, connectivity between the company’s multiple sites is important for business productivity, business continuity and ultimately customer satisfaction.

DWDM Multiplexer & 100G

DWDM multiplexer Solution

The DWDM multiplexer and 100G transceiver solution

The technical solution involved Pro Optix QSFP28 100G ER4L optical transceivers combined with Pro Optix passive DWDM 40 channel multiplexer. The combination of these products delivered 100G data rates across a 40 km distance and 40 channels utilized for up to 25G data rates. The company had previously been utilizing a 10G connection between the sites so moving to 100G was a significant step up in performance. The company also utilized a Pro Optix high density MPO/MTP system with cabling and mini chassis, which enables quick scalability and flexible connectivity, the solution is built with full redundancy.

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DWDM multiplexer delivery

The DWDM multiplexer and 100G solution deliveries

The TV broadcaster now has the capability to expand and plan for the future because of the increased capacity from 10G to 100G. With 40 available channels, there is channel capacity to dedicate specific channels to specific tasks and systems, ensuring important functions happen without interference or performance loss. Examples could be data back up which has significant business continuity influence, or video that is increasingly needed in modern day society.

Fiber channel networking is being discussed and expected to be implemented in the future. One of the reasons for going to 100G was that the cost difference between upgrading to 40G or 100G in the scope of the project was not significant and would likely remove one upgrade requirement in near future years.

DWDM Multiplexer Solution

DWDM cost savings and flexibility

By using an MPO/MTP system the solution is flexible and makes it easy to initially connect and to change and upgrade in the future with minimal time and effort.

Because the DWDM multiplexer devices are passive it makes them simple to install, robust and reliable, and with no power required there are no concerns for UPS connection or similar.

The alternative to this technical scenario is to lease 40 pairs of black fiber dedicated lines from a city carrier. The DWDM solution, over 3 years, could be saving more than 100,000 SEK in leased line costs.

Multiplexing Project Support

DWDM project specialists – Pro Optix


As specialists in WDM technologies, Pro Optix were approached by the customer for technical project knowledge on the potential for the solution to be effective. Together the solution was considered and after evaluation it was put live with a backup solution in place in case of any unpredicted issues. No issues arrived and the system has been used as the primary connection since. Besides being technically advanced and flexible, it’s also very competitive in terms of cost both to install and to purchase.

The customer has been working with Pro Optix for over five years and together the two companies have been involved with other fiber optical projects.

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