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WDM Project Discovery

Fast Track your WDM project with help from Pro Optix

Pro Optix are specialists in WDM and fiber optic networks, utilise the Pro Optix team to help qualify the best solution for your WDM project.

We have delivered solutions to over 100 network operators. Within the Nordics our WDM solutions are utilised by 4 of the largest telcos in the region, and our innovative ultra high density multiplexers have put us at the forefront of passive WDM innovation.

As experts in network design, with supporting tools such as our high-tech laboratory to test for the best possible quality, we can assure performance and reliability from the fiber optical solutions we deliver.

Use our expertise in WDM and complex transceiver solutions to fast track your project and get the most out of your business initiative.

Why partner with Pro Optix for WDM?

  • Over a decade of WDM experience
  • 5 Series of WDM Multiplexer
  • Innovators in HD & UHD Multiplexing
  • Broad optical solutions set
  • Extensive project support services

Please do not hesitate in reaching out, and we’ll be in touch to arrange a project discovery meeting to understand your requirements.

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